The Reviews are In!

Theatre Aezir Shines in Story of Sisterhood with MacIvor’s Modern Canadian Classic. Director Mike Semple leads the production and facilitates an intimate engagement between the audience and actors in the small, black box theatre. Each performer in this small cast sustains this feeling throughout the show and paints a beautifully intimate understanding of their character with precision and clarity.” Read this fabulous review of “Marion Bridge” by Eden Eidt of “Entertain This Thought“.

For a show that is beautifully challenging and heartbreakingly tender, don’t miss Marion Bridge!” – Izzy Siebert, Old East Village

The text, direction, and acting created that magical alchemy that results in believable, honest, and heart-wrenching theatre! The three actors were present, and in character, at an impressive level. Do what you can to see this show!” – Brian S

The production was magnificent. Superb acting.” – Heather H.

Theatre-lovers in London, and any theatre-lovers who can get themselves to London by March 10, should rush to see Marion Bridge at Procunier Hall in @atthepalace.” – Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

This production was next level. Riveting performances by Carolyn Grace Hall, Karalyn Rupert and Jessica Pereira. Top notch production values (sound, lighting, costumes, props, set design) and Mike Semple’s direction was thoughtful and creative in telling this story. Kudos!” – Robin

Terrific show last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please pass my congratulations on to the cast and crew.” – Paul C.

An all-round splendid production! See it if you can.” – John T.

Utterly believable acting by all three.” – Emma D.

Congrats, great job everyone! Very moving and a deep impression left on the whole family. I hope you all enjoy your last go around today, you deserve it!” – Chris B.