Love Letters

Love Letters by A.R. Gurney
“tender study of thwarted love” 


Rachel Jones
(Stratford, Blyth)
Jeff Culbert
(Port Stanley, Lighthouse Theatre)

Love Letters was a Pulitzer Prize for Drama finalist in 1990. First performed in 1988 by the playwright himself with Holland Taylor at the New York Public Library, then opened in 1988 at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, with Joanna Gleason and John Rubinstein. In 1989 it had a couple of shorter runs on Broadway, but in 1990 its popularity really took off. A perennial favourite the world over, Love Letters has received thousands of performances and is currently back on Broadway. Its simple presentation attracts actors who value the empowerment that no memorization brings. This play is a simple reading of letters that the characters have sent to each other over the years. Its beautiful, comic, dramatic and soulful language will move you.

Here’s a fun fact. In early 1995, Lynn Redgrave and John Clark, at the invitation of Judge Lance Ito, performed the play for the sequestered jury on their day off, in the same courtroom where the O. J. Simpson trial was being held.

On December 1, 2007, Elizabeth Taylor and James Earl Jones gave a benefit performance of the play, to raise one million dollars for Taylor’s AIDS foundation. Tickets for the show were priced at $2,500 and more than 500 people attended. $2500 seems a bit pricey, you say. I think I agree with you. That is why our price for this marvelous evening was a mere $65.00 a ticket that included some yummy charcuterie and cookies for free.